If the Animals on Animal Jam Had Jobs Idea

I think that maybe if I tweaked and added to the beginning of this Scribble, not to mention edit what I already created, this could start to be something pretty good.

[…] Awesome Thecat howled under the effect of the wolfs’ “Play” icon. It’s a good thing that the howl isn’t actually audio, Awesome thought. Because I have a sore throat.

Finally, after two more hours of play (or “work”, as she would consider it), Awesome Thecat trudged to the user AJHQ’s den, where she entered a hidden portal leading to Animal Jam Headquarters the place. After that, Awesome went to her own den, offline. It was an unreleased cave den (she doubted it ever would be released), and quite cozy, in her opinion. A Greely’s Wardrobe den item lay against a wall, a large sofa was placed neatly atop a large yeti rug adorning the area near the black HDTV; which was playing the bonfire channel. Many other items filled the den, lining the star-covered walls and crushing the grass-patterned carpet, well past the nonmember 200 limit and even raising above the member 300 limit.

Awesome ripped her name tag off (man, that thing’s annoying, she thought) and tossed it aside. It fell over a hovering Portal Crystal den item. She plopped down on her black Mat den item and changed the TV channel to a shark-chase-fish channel. Awesome heard the Jam-a-Gram bell ring (another feature yet to be released online) and padded to the Mailbox den item. Inside was a letter from her sister, Enchanted Muddybeast (the online user was Doggydays19151). “How was work today?” it asked. Awesome sent her reply (“Ok, I guess. Boring as usual… you?”) and went to the Wardrobe. Greely’s own style of clothing was mingled with many other items, including rares, member items (Awesome could use them offline), and member rares. There, Awesome dumped the princess decal her user player “Heshouldvebeenthere” had adorned her with and exchanged it for a head flower, change of colors, Diamond-Encrusted Tail Armour, a Silver Glove, and a Pirate Sword.

“That’s more like it,” Awesome muttered and skimmed Enchanted’s reply to her JAG. “Today was horrible,” her sister’s letter groaned. “The Rare Item Monday clothing for today was a Rare Pirate Beard! Add that to my eye patch and…ugh. And my player bought NINE! I looked so bad (pronounced bah-ha-haad)!”

Awesome Thecat sent a sympathetic response to Enchanted and stretched, thinking aloud: “I wonder… what if user players actually knew we worked there? I mean, and they finally dressed us up the way we wanted to dress (Jamaa would certainly be WAY more fashionable… uck, she thought)? That would be awesome.”

Suddenly Eternal Thegiraffe, Awesome’s usermate (aka they are both controlled by the same user), burst through the door. “Ugh!” she cried, sitting down. “The user Heshouldvebeenthere’s player got put in a deep sleep I dunno HOW many times… annoying!!”

Awesome Thecat’s Icicle Lights den item suddenly began blinking on and off rapidly- the signal that she was needed! The human was logging on! “Oh, no! It’s back to work with me…,” Awesome emitted a small groan, quickly changed back into the princess “junk” and slapped on her name tag. She then pushed her paw down into the center of a Glitched Rug, and was immediately transferred to the user Heshouldvebeenthere as the Animal Jam page stopped loading (for the human).

Awesome obeyed the user for half an hour before being able to return to her den, now vacant of visitors. The refrigerator was empty as well. “Come on, Eternal!” Awesome growled under her breath, then plopped onto her giant sofa. She then imagined “Life Outside of AJ”… with no job! Freedom, and NO princess items… that’d be the LIFE! Awesome thought. It’s too bad we can’t just QUIT the job… but it’s permanent and it’s our duty. One Jammer, though… a long time ago, the user animal named Scammer invented Scamming. The human was in on a little of it, but when the player wasn’t around? Scammer took things into their own hands. Scamming brings all the FUN out of AJ and replaces it with anger and sadness. And Fmen122… oh, man. That Jammer actually ATTEMPTED to quit the job, but when they (he/she?) learned that it was IMPOSSIBLE…? Renegade with a capital “R”. Scams like crazy (Fmen122 actually WAS crazy, BTW), taken innocent Jammer accounts (returned with NO ITEMS LEFT)… it’s really bad. But anyway, I’ve got to stop thinking about this stuff.

Awesome shook herself from stiffness due to laying down for a while, and decided to visit AJSchool’s Den. Off-AJ, of course.

It was empty, so she just traveled to AJSchool’s den online.

Awesome got a strange, guilty feeling wearing different user clothes and Jamming without a player, but in an odd way she felt free. So she just pushed the feeling aside and ignored the Animal Jam Job rule #5: NEVER Jam without a player. It’s ok, she made herself think.

Awesome squeezed herself into a school role play. She met lots of new Jammers, but they were the type of Jammer that her user player wouldn’t like. So Awesome made a note to send them all buddy requests once they were off-aj.

After a while, she spotted a disguised moderator (that would report her, and she might be removed), so she quickly got offline and went back to her den. Awesome then JAGed the selected Jammers she wished to buddy and almost immediately got approved responses- once again, this didn’t count online! It was her own, personal buddy list.

What do ya think? 😀 I’m thinking of the title… It’s Not What It Seems- An Animal Jam Story. I don’t know, I just came up with that… 🙂


The users in this book are real. I am Heshouldvebeenthere, AJSchool actually does have a school-themed den, and my “sister” (actually my sister in real life), Doggydays19151, got rid of her wolf, Enchanted Muddybeast; though she has a giraffe, another animal I can’t remember, and does have an eye patch on the giraffe. I would almost never dress my wolf in princess items, though it could happen… happenings and events in this book are not real.



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