Awesome Thecat Meets a Rouge Wolf Pack Idea

Here’s the Scribble, hope you like it…! See the Post If The Animals on Animal Jam Had Jobs Idea. This is a mixture of Erin Hunter’s Survivors and Warriors books, along with Animal Jam and fantasy of my own imagination.

One day Awesome Thecat sneaked into Sarepia Forest, and ran into a… “Pack?” Awesome questioned. “Your group is a wolf pack?”

The “pack” leader, Alpha (“meaning first,” they explained) growled in agreement. “Yes. Why do you question like so?”

“Uh… I was just wondering!” Awesome replied, then noticing an “expecting” she-wolf, asked, “What’s her name?”

“No more questions. But she’s Ceri, meaning love.”

“Ok… hey, you guys- free chat doesn’t let you say certain things! Wait… you guys are-” Awesome’s eyes widened- “Jamming without a player? But, that’s against the rules!”

“For obvious reasons, I can tell that you aren’t exactly following the rules either,” Alpha retorted.

“Eh, yeah, so I’m not exactly following the rules…” Awesome began to notice the unreleased items they were wearing. “But I think you guys are actually-“

“Rogue?” Alpha finished. “Ha, yeah. But, I can tell you’ve got some spunk in you… maybe you’d like to join us, at least for a while?” He had a sly smile on his face. She realized with amazement that none of the pack were wearing their name tags.

“Well…” Awesome trailed off, thinking of the possibilities. “I’m not sure yet…”

“You do realize that this is an offer we assure you to take lightly… There’s a lot of other Jammers raring to go rouge.”

“No, I think I’ll accept!” she blurted, then felt shocked at herself. I’m going rouge? Awesome thought. Wow, how I’ve changed…

“Good,” Alpha smiled. “Now follow us.”

Awesome Thecat followed the wolves until they shouldered through castle-high piercing thorn walls and entered through a portal,

(base-camp-doorway Even though the adventure portal closed down, a portal still was there)

which led to a den. Awesome clicked the username den tag (it read “LavaPack’s Territory”), but it didn’t lead to any results.

Alpha howled, the sound ringing throughout the camp and making puddles ripple. All wolves came padding out of little rooms (they called them “dens”, though they were tiny) and sat before Alpha (on what they called the Highrock). She decided to follow their lead, but as she drew nearer the wolves parted down the middle like a curtain being pulled aside to let in the view- only this view was an waiting Alpha.

“I gather you here now,” Alpha began, “to announce a new Packmate- Awesome Thecat!” All of LavaPack turned to get a glimpse of Awesome and she blushed brightly.

“She will follow ritual,” Alpha continued, “as our medicine wolf, Galen (meaning healer and calm) will explain to her.”

Galen padded up to Awesome and whispered a few sentences in her ear, and as he finished with a yip to Alpha the leader began to speak again.

“Awesome, do you promise to follow the Pack rules, even to the death?”

Awesome paused, took a deep breath and announced “I do.”

“Do you oath to be bound to your role in this Pack, even may it be punishment?” Alpha questioned according to tradition.

“Yes, I do.”

“Then I, Alpha (or Ulmar, meaning wolf), using my power of Leader over this Pack, now name you-” LavaPack held its breath- “Bleddyne, meaning wolf. Your rank in this Pack will be hunter and warrior, until either promotion, demotion or punishment.”

Every wolf in the Pack barked and howled Awesome’s new name. “Bleddyne (pronounced bled-din)! Bleddyne! Bleddyne…”

Bleddyne (feeling proud of her new name and position) tore off her name tag and tossed it to some playful apprentices, who gleefully chewed the hated thing to pieces. Many wolves approached her that night, including

  • Burn (a she-wolf, name meaning stream),

  • Todd (he-wolf, name meaning fox),

  • Wolfram (she-wolf, name meaning wolf raven),

  • Vikesh (he-wolf, name meaning moon),

  • Selwyn (he-wolf, name meaning wild),

  • Caleb (he-wolf, name meaning dog),

  • Chase (he-wolf, name meaning hunter),

  • Ciarane (she-wolf, name meaning small and black),

  • Clovis (he-wolf, name meaning warrior),

  • Conania (she-wolf, name meaning hound or wolf),

  • Devlin (he-wolf, name meaning fiercely brave),

  • Quinn (she-wolf, name meaning wise),

  • Peter (he-wolf, name meaning rock),

  • and last but not least- the Beta, Uri (she-wolf, name meaning light)!

Bleddyne felt like she was hit by a car (or “monster”, as she would now call it under the influence of a Pack), but managed to remember all of the names invested in her. She’d soon meet the pups, apprentices and elders, but for now she needed to sleep. Plus, there were the names of Alpha’s mate (Bleddyne guessed and found this true by watching his attitude around the she-wolf and her belly) Ceri (meaning love, Bleddyne remembered), and the medicine wolf Galen (meaning healer and calm, once again)… she began to feel dizzy and was escorted by a surprised Selwyn into the “warrior/hunter’s den”, and from there allowed herself to be led into a “nest”, as they introduced their beds.

 In the morning, when Bleddyne awoke, she found herself in a very comfy nest, which in turn was placed neatly in a den. She began to get a weird feeling, but after shaking her head a couple times, Bleddyne’s memories of the previous day came flooding into her brain. She noticed that Selwyn, Burn and Wolfram’s nests were arranged next to hers, and she padded around them carefully while exiting the den.

Once in the clearing, which was ringed with a round of den entrances deep in rock (LavaPack was within a dip in a mountain, she observed) Bleddyne’s stomach growled hungrily (No, starvingly! she thought, the sound of her midsection being sonorous).

Bleddyne observed that the Pack camp must be in the upper right hand corner of the Animal Jam map (since it was a mountain range, and you can go to the Coral Canyons, Sarepia Forest, Mt. Shiveer, and Crystal Sands areas), and that you must be a Pack member to have access to that area.

map1 Sure enough, as soon as Bleddyne came up with that thought, Uri Beta padded up to her and said, “I have something for you,”

Beta pulled out a satchel from somewhere Bleddyne couldn’t see and urged her to open it. When opened, Bleddyne drew out a long string of HTML.

“Huh?” she questioned. Beta explained that you place it on your map, exit the map, and then reopen it. “The Pack label should appear when you scroll over that area, along with it lighting up like any other section.”

Bleddyne tried it, and when it worked she felt proud that she was now a definite member of a Pack, though it was rouge. All the better, she thought and thanked Beta, repeating the action when the she-wolf handed her a mouse captured by that morning’s hunt.

That night Bleddyne had a dream that when her Heshouldvebeenthere account player logged on, a message popped up reading I’m sorry, this account’s wolf is no longer available as an error has occurred. Please accept the giraffe as your only current animal, and also this consolation gift of 1,000 Gems.

Bleddyne felt guilty for the next day but the feeling passed as she went on her first border patrol, which fended off stray Jammers hoping to hack their way into the rogue LavaPack button code. The following days consisted of meeting the rest of her Pack (including Alpha and Ceri’s new pups), hunting, patrolling, and just plain getting to fit in better. Not once did she think again of Eternal Thegiraffe, Enchanted Muddybeast, or any of her buddies. Instead Bleddyne spent her time getting more rouge and wild every hour that passed. Selwyn showed interest in her; she accepted his mate request one night. LavaPack was no longer on Animal Jam rules… it was a live Pack, pixel-created and online. But with the medicine cat Galen’s coding and hacking ability, Alpha and Beta frequently stated that they could actually get out of the tight little gadget screen and be off-screen, not as real, smelly wolves but as virtual wolves still. The Pack howled and yipped in agreement every time they mentioned that; even Bleddyne herself.

So Galen kept working; coding and hacking into how many systems. Bleddyne was just very glad that LavaPack wasn’t bent on taking over Animal Jam, and quite often spread that feeling around camp, which she was 99% sure her line of thinking was shared with everyone. The day would soon come, Alpha and Beta kept announcing… and we will be free.

You like it? 😀 1400-something words. 😉



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