Possible Intro to Animal Jam Book Idea

“Hi, I’m Awesome Thecat. I’m a virtual wolf on a popular online game, Animal Jam.

“Animal Jam Headquarters (AJHQ) created us animals, only to find that we have real personalities or something. So instead of us being slaves to eager humans, we had jobs to serve them (yeah, right. Same thing, different word. We don’t even get paid!). We get a break when our human player logs off, but pretty soon- they’re back on again (told you it was popular!).

“All animals owned by a nonmember usually only have one usermate- or other animal(s) that share the same user. Member animals usually have a lot of usermates!

“Anyway, this is my life, or where it went, or something. I didn’t have any idea where it was headed, just that I thought I’d be serving the same person until my pixels faded away… So, enjoy my tale with its weird moments, exciting chances, and embarrassing times! I don’t even know what’s going to happen to me, because this is just something I’m telling myself in my head… but I can tell you I bet it’ll be interesting! Well…

“Jam On!”

That’s the intro I came up with weeks ago. Like it? o_O


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