Another Chapter of Possible Animal Jam Book

Bleddyne awoke from the night’s sleep and cast her loving gaze down towards her belly, where her pups were nested. She had- once again- broken Animal Jam Rules and abilities, allowing all three pups to trail behind her, while looking like regular pet puppies.

Her attention was snapped to the nursery’s den entrance as the ferns ’round it rustled, acting as a doorbell.

“Selwyn!” Bleddyne softly cried out in relief at the sight of her mate, the sound stirring the pups. “I thought maybe you were a predator or something…,” Selwyn chuckled and licked her jaw.

The mates’ affectionate gazes were turned to the pups as all three slowly yawned and opened their tiny eyes. Darkpup, the only he-pup of the trio, turned and began to batter Cloudpup, the youngest of them, with his tiny forepaws. Cloudpup whined and Streampup, the other (and older) she-pup, scrambled atop her brother in defense of her younger sister. Darkpup proved himself to be the younger of the two older pups as his strength gave out and his paws slipped out from under him. Streampup received an amused growl from Bleddyne ordering her to come off of Darkpup now, because he was defeated. The victorious pup hopped off and stumbled to their mother.

“Look at them, warriors already,” Selwyn murmured, amusement dancing across his face. Bleddyne nuzzled him and looked down at the pups as they all gathered ’round her belly.

“Mother, I’m hungry!” Darkpup’s tiny voice yipped. “So’m I! Cloudpup, too!” Streampup and Cloudpup drew near to Bleddyne. “Come eat, then,” she scolded in a teasing growl. She drifted into a dreamless sleep as the threesome suckled at her belly.

Bleddyne awoke when Alpha’s howl rang throughout the camp, and observing the pups’ dozing, decided to push outside of the ferns, sitting just outside the nursery entrance.

“A very important thing has been accomplished!” Alpha declared. “Galen, our medicine wolf, has broken into enough and certain systems that: we are now able to roam in the human world!”

😮 I, personally, can’t wait to see where this is headed.


Adventurous Little Girl Idea

Here’s the Scribble for the Adventurous Little Girl idea… (and yes, I am now calling them Scribbles.)

[…] Stray now formed a scene in her mind where her dresser was a burning building and her bed was a teeny net.

“Coming in for the landing!” she shrieked, pummeling towards her pillows. FLOOF! Stray quickly sat up and whipped her glaring gaze towards an innocent-looking stuffed snake.

“You pushed me!” Stray accused, and attempted to grab the snake but a sudden gust of wind blew the innocent toy an inch or two away from its previous position. Stray’s grubby fingers closed on empty air, and she then changed her role play into a warning: “Alert! Alert! Tornado headin’ this way! Cover yer heads, it’ll be here in one minute!” Then, mistaking the length of a minute, she started counting down: “Ten, nine! Eight, seven, four, three! Six! One! Five! Two, IT’S HERE!”

Stray screamed excitedly and grabbed the snake, along with a toy mouse and a stuffed raccoon. She then dashed into her closet and  announced: “Head count! Two, eight, one, three… wait! LULLABY IS MISSING!”

Stray sternly ordered the animals to “keep yerselves there, now”, then zipped back out into the open and dove under her bed, squirming deep and kicking madly. Assorted items flew everywhere. […]

That’s as far as I got, because then two of my younger sisters threatened me about “if I didn’t shut the light off right then”… rolleyes