Adventurous Little Girl Idea

Here’s the Scribble for the Adventurous Little Girl idea… (and yes, I am now calling them Scribbles.)

[…] Stray now formed a scene in her mind where her dresser was a burning building and her bed was a teeny net.

“Coming in for the landing!” she shrieked, pummeling towards her pillows. FLOOF! Stray quickly sat up and whipped her glaring gaze towards an innocent-looking stuffed snake.

“You pushed me!” Stray accused, and attempted to grab the snake but a sudden gust of wind blew the innocent toy an inch or two away from its previous position. Stray’s grubby fingers closed on empty air, and she then changed her role play into a warning: “Alert! Alert! Tornado headin’ this way! Cover yer heads, it’ll be here in one minute!” Then, mistaking the length of a minute, she started counting down: “Ten, nine! Eight, seven, four, three! Six! One! Five! Two, IT’S HERE!”

Stray screamed excitedly and grabbed the snake, along with a toy mouse and a stuffed raccoon. She then dashed into her closet and  announced: “Head count! Two, eight, one, three… wait! LULLABY IS MISSING!”

Stray sternly ordered the animals to “keep yerselves there, now”, then zipped back out into the open and dove under her bed, squirming deep and kicking madly. Assorted items flew everywhere. […]

That’s as far as I got, because then two of my younger sisters threatened me about “if I didn’t shut the light off right then”… rolleyes