9 Sequence…

This is rlly random.

Ever since I was younger, I thought this was SO COOL (now I just think it’s funny and coincidental)…

Here we go.

  • 9

  • 18

  • 27

  • 36

  • 45

  • 54

  • 63

  • 72

  • 81

  • 90

  • 99

Well, you get the idea :3

Let’s try that again, now.

  • 9
  • 18
  • 27
  • 36
  • 45

STOP. Right there!

Now the “cool part” begins!

  • 54

Did you notice anything? Anything like… reversed-ness? (omg my ways with words 🙄 )

That’s right! 54=45 backwards.

Shall we continue?

  • 63
  • 72



  • 81
  • 90

And here it STOPS!



Isn’t that COOL? Makes math way easier when you’re a third grader, I say 🙂

Let’s do it again!

  • 9
  • 18
  • 27
  • 36
  • 45

  • 54
  • 63
  • 72
  • 81
  • 90

Well… then we go into the hundreds (99 doesn’t link up with anything 😛 )

Do the same thing, but subtract one and put a one at the front.

  • 108
  • 117
  • 126
  • 135
  • 144
  • 153

Ok, I’m done. You get the idea, right? And 44 is the double-digit boundary, like 99! It has no relations. 153=135? That’s the way it works…

One of my friends once told me when I asked her something for something:

I don’t do math on the weekends.

I’m like, oops!

You know, I’m homeschooled, so when I’m at home, I can’t help it… Or when I’m ANYWHERE, like now. Kinda like how when I’m done with my online homeschool, I do extra stuff before I get off. And on the weekends I don’t really go on the computer… and that’s when all my friends are on. So, :\

But still 😛

Hey, this is kind of strange… but I don’t do Sunday School lessons on weekdays 😆

On Sundays, one of my little sisters attempt to recite their lessons…

And I fill in the blank.


Oops. I can’t GIVE you an example because I can’t remember stuff on Saturdays! Only Sundays! >:P

Anyways 🙂

YW for the free math lesson! Toldja I’m weird! 😀



Colossus of Rhodes: the Statue of Liberty’s Boyfriend (XD)

colossus_rhodes & statue_of_liberty

What do you think? 😆

I’m just joking around. I saw this picture doing my online homeschool today and I’m like… “Wow. Just wow.” 😆

The Colossus of Rhodes is apparently a Greek hotspot (I think the statue might’ve not even existed idk, but Rhodes is just one of the mythical gods) that got destroyed in an earthquake… along with like 6 or 7 other of their amazing works. 🙄

Who gave us Lady Liberty? Oh yeah, the French.

Anyways. 😀



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Another Chapter of Possible Animal Jam Book

Bleddyne awoke from the night’s sleep and cast her loving gaze down towards her belly, where her pups were nested. She had- once again- broken Animal Jam Rules and abilities, allowing all three pups to trail behind her, while looking like regular pet puppies.

Her attention was snapped to the nursery’s den entrance as the ferns ’round it rustled, acting as a doorbell.

“Selwyn!” Bleddyne softly cried out in relief at the sight of her mate, the sound stirring the pups. “I thought maybe you were a predator or something…,” Selwyn chuckled and licked her jaw.

The mates’ affectionate gazes were turned to the pups as all three slowly yawned and opened their tiny eyes. Darkpup, the only he-pup of the trio, turned and began to batter Cloudpup, the youngest of them, with his tiny forepaws. Cloudpup whined and Streampup, the other (and older) she-pup, scrambled atop her brother in defense of her younger sister. Darkpup proved himself to be the younger of the two older pups as his strength gave out and his paws slipped out from under him. Streampup received an amused growl from Bleddyne ordering her to come off of Darkpup now, because he was defeated. The victorious pup hopped off and stumbled to their mother.

“Look at them, warriors already,” Selwyn murmured, amusement dancing across his face. Bleddyne nuzzled him and looked down at the pups as they all gathered ’round her belly.

“Mother, I’m hungry!” Darkpup’s tiny voice yipped. “So’m I! Cloudpup, too!” Streampup and Cloudpup drew near to Bleddyne. “Come eat, then,” she scolded in a teasing growl. She drifted into a dreamless sleep as the threesome suckled at her belly.

Bleddyne awoke when Alpha’s howl rang throughout the camp, and observing the pups’ dozing, decided to push outside of the ferns, sitting just outside the nursery entrance.

“A very important thing has been accomplished!” Alpha declared. “Galen, our medicine wolf, has broken into enough and certain systems that: we are now able to roam in the human world!”

😮 I, personally, can’t wait to see where this is headed.

What happened to {CHRIST}mas?

😦 #2true

Gabrielle miller

What happened to Christmas?

Christmas used to be this time where adults would spread Christmas cheer by volunteering in their community, adults would just enjoy time with family, friends, Children would hang their stockings on the mantle, Their special ornaments on the tree, bake cookies, eagerly awaiting the day they get their picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Families, reading the nativity story at night, or on Christmas morn, as they worship the real reason for the season.

Now its turned into, adults, worrying more about money and work, than family and friends, their community, their kids. Children faces now buried in the latest Apple device, newest video game, newest app. Families would go days without talking to each other because they were too preoccupied with things. Leaving their Bible, or Nativity book, to gather dust on a shelf that everyones forgotten about, just like the real reason for the…

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Possible Intro to Animal Jam Book Idea

“Hi, I’m Awesome Thecat. I’m a virtual wolf on a popular online game, Animal Jam.

“Animal Jam Headquarters (AJHQ) created us animals, only to find that we have real personalities or something. So instead of us being slaves to eager humans, we had jobs to serve them (yeah, right. Same thing, different word. We don’t even get paid!). We get a break when our human player logs off, but pretty soon- they’re back on again (told you it was popular!).

“All animals owned by a nonmember usually only have one usermate- or other animal(s) that share the same user. Member animals usually have a lot of usermates!

“Anyway, this is my life, or where it went, or something. I didn’t have any idea where it was headed, just that I thought I’d be serving the same person until my pixels faded away… So, enjoy my tale with its weird moments, exciting chances, and embarrassing times! I don’t even know what’s going to happen to me, because this is just something I’m telling myself in my head… but I can tell you I bet it’ll be interesting! Well…

“Jam On!”

That’s the intro I came up with weeks ago. Like it? o_O